Para entender la crisis global…

El último ejemplar del Journal que edita el Cato Institute ha sido destinado completamente a cubrir distintos aspectos de la crisis global. Se recomiendan particularmente los trabajos de Roger W. Garrison, Lawrence White, Gerald O´Driscoll, Allan Meltzer y Anna Schwartz.


An Interdisciplinary Journal of Public Policy Analysis
Volume 29 Number 1, Winter 2009


Lessons from the Financial Crisis

James A. Dorn
Editor’s Note
(PDF, 2 pp., 47Kb)

Jeffrey A. Miron
Bailout or Bankruptcy?
(PDF, 17 pp., 380Kb)

Anna J. Schwartz
Origins of the Financial Market Crisis of 2008
(PDF, 5 pp., 81Kb)

Allan H. Meltzer
Reflections on the Financial Crisis
(PDF, 6 pp., 86Kb)

Donald L. Kohn
Monetary Policy and Asset Prices Revisited
(PDF, 14 pp., 157Kb)

Otmar Issing
Asset Prices and Monetary Policy
(PDF, 7 pp., 96Kb)

Jeffrey M. Lacker
What Lessons Can We Learn from the Boom and Turmoil?
(PDF, 11 pp., 131Kb)

Charles W. Calomiris
Financial Innovation, Regulation, and Reform
(PDF, 27 pp., 264Kb)

Bert Ely
Bad Rules Produce Bad Outcomes: Underlying Public-Policy Causes of the U.S. Financial Crisis
(PDF, 22 pp., 944Kb)

Lawrence H. White
Federal Reserve Policy and the Housing Bubble
(PDF, 11 pp., 133Kb)

Wolfgang Münchau
The Case for Policy Sustainability
(PDF, 4 pp., 71Kb)

Andrew A. Samwick
Moral Hazard in the Policy Response to the 2008 Financial Market Meltdown
(PDF, 9 pp., 114Kb)

Kevin Dowd
Moral Hazard and the Financial Crisis
(PDF, 26 pp., 262Kb)

Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.
Money and the Present Crisis
(PDF, 20 pp., 208Kb)

Roger W. Garrison
Interest-Rate Targeting during the Great Moderation: A Reappraisal
(PDF, 14 pp., 167Kb)

William Poole
The Way Forward: Incentives, Not Regulations
(PDF, 7 pp., 94Kb)

Book Reviews

After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy
by Christopher J. Coyne
Reviewed by Gregory M. Dempster
(PDF, 5 pp., 92Kb)

Capitalism at Work: Business, Government, and Energy; Book 1 of Political Capitalism (A Trilogy)
by Robert L. Bradley Jr.
Reviewed by Richard L. Gordon
(PDF, 6 pp., 96Kb)

On the Contrary: Leading the Opposition in a Democratic South Africa
by Tony Leon
Reviewed by Marian L. Tupy
(PDF, 5 pp., 85Kb)

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  1. […] la crisis global Posted on Julio 2, 2009 by adrianravier Hace un par de días publicamos un post con links a sucesivos trabajos sobre la crisis global. Quizás a aquellos trabajos debamos agregar este ensayo de John Taylor, quien nos ofrece un […]


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